Monday, February 13, 2012

Mini Valentines

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly share with you a simple valentine I threw together for my sons preschool party. I made them all the same because of time restraints.

I used the Cricut Imagine Better Together cartridge for the cute bear.
 And the Sentiment is from MY Pink Stamped.

 Did you hear that Google is pulling the plug on google friend connect for all non blogger blogs?
 If you subscribe via Google connect come March you will no longer get updates on my blog via the friend connect. I don't want to loose any of my blogger friends.

 I believe that it is mostly all non blogger users it wont work for but I am looking for alternatives to use for non blogger users and blogger users.

I found a cool site called Blog Lovin where people can follow blogs. So if you do not use Blogger and want to continue following my blog please try following through that instead. Even if you use blogger you may like to follow blogs using this platform. It puts all blog posts in one spot for you.
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 Or if you want please follow by email .

Or use Google reader to follow me.

 Or you can subscribe through my RSS feed ( which I will be adding a gadget for today )

 Or on Facebook... I have an account but don't use it ... now I will have to start And I will get a widget up for that over the next day or so too.

 I may do a twitter ( for those that prefer that )
I will also be adding the networked blogs gadget too.

 I also may try the Google plus although I looked at it and it seems like a lot of work. But will look some more into it.

 I will keep everyone posted on what I found to help so we don't loose all of our blogger friends. With links to the sites so you all can add them to your blogs. Also I recommend once you have added all your gadgets send out a newsletter to all the followers on Google connect asking them to choose another method if the change will effect them. If you sign into Google connect there is an option to send out a newsletter. But before you do get all of your alternatives up on your blog so when they get the newsletter their options will already be there for them.

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Creations by Shirl said...

Such a sweet bear V-day card... I'm sure all the kiddies love them too... Very cute Chris~

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I am sure the kids will love the card too Chris, I love that bear and the sentiment is prefect... Not sure if Iam understanding all u wrote about google , is that just for people who not have a blog? Or everyone ?

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Thanks Chris- I will watching to see what u find out, if I hear of anything will definitely let u know.

Patty Sumner said...

That is just to cute!!! I am impressed at what some of you gals can do with paper. Blessings!

Lisa said...

What an adorable card, Chris!! The little bear is so sweet!! The kids will LOVE these :)


Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Very cute!!! :)Amy

Kimberli said...

That's adorable Chris, love that bear!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Super cute!

Audrey Frelx said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I love that adorable little bear -- and to think I thought I didn't care for any of the images on this cart!!! LOL! That always happens until I see the cutest cuts from a cart least expected; I've got to start taking a closer look at all the carts! LOL!

luvGodncountry said...

LOVE THIS!!! I think your blog is fantastic too! I am going to add you to my blog roll! I am now following you on Linky Followers, check out my blog too when you have an chance, and THANK YOU!

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