Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Contest for expecting moms!

New Contest for expecting moms!
We are going to have a contest for current members and new expecting moms. All members are welcome to join in for a chance to win a $30 Babies R Us gift card. All you have to do is get expecting moms to join the site! The member who get the most expecting moms to become members by the deadline will win! Also there will be a gift for the new expecting members. The most active new member will get a $50 Babies R Us gift card! How will we decide who is the most active new expecting mom? We will take an average of the number of days they have been a member and the number of posts the make up to the deadline.

The deadline is May 15th. We will start at midnight eastern time tonight. That gives you over a month!
The new members must be expecting moms, not new moms or TTC, because this is a contest specifically geared toward the pregnancy forum!

Current members:
Let the expecting moms know they have a chance to win th $50 gift card to Babies R Us, and dont forget the easiest way to invite them and get credit for it is to use your referral link, go to settings at the top right of your screen, and copy the URL with your referrer id in it! Also you may want to let someone know the rules and how they can win when you invite them. Any questions just ask.
New expecting moms:
To win you must be currently expecting, posts cannot be nonsense posts, like "ok" or "whatever", in order to count towards your post count, posts all over the board will count, before May 15th check into the General Pregnancy section and give us your name and due date to be eligable to win. We will be doing an average of your posts and the days since you joined the site. So if you have been a member 3 days and have 15 posts your average will be 5, and if you are a member 15 days and have 40 posts your average is 2.6, so the member for 3 days would win! This way no matter when you were invited you still have a chance to win as long as it is before the deadline! So get to posting and we cant wait to get to know you better!

Go sign up over at Chatter Scene to have your chance to win a babies r us card:)


Momma Such said...

Wow, what a great contest!
I'm so sorry I have been bad about stopping by! I have been so busy with the blog and 4 boys and then being pregnant on top of it.
I'll post something about this on my blog! Hope it helps! :)

I could really use a Babies R Us Gift Certificate! There are so many things I still need since my boys either broke most of mine or we got rid of them to make space since we didn't know if we were going to have any more kids or not.
Thanks! I'll let you know when I post about it so you can see it! :) said...

Sounds good hun. We miss seeing you at CS. i did not even realize you were pg
Do you know what it is yet? Dont say another boy

Momma Such said...

We didn't find out this time! I'm due in July and everyone is really anxious and excited to find out!

I posted last night about this giveaway. I sort of copied what you had, but changed it up a little. I hope I got everything right. Here is the link to the post.

Oh, and I love what you have done to the board! It looks so nice and easy to use! I'm going to have to make it a point to stop by from time to time! :)

Anonymous said...

WELL... I am not expecting BUT I wanted to tell you to come stop by my Blog. You have an Award waiting for you :)

Rachel said...

WOW! I wish I was pregnant, but I'm not. Hee hee hee...that's a rarity as I'm the mom of seven.

Your blog is cute. :)

Blessings to you!

Stephanie said...

Chris...I am passing my award on to you...stop by to check it out!

Stephanie said... just copy and paste the photo, and put 10 things that make you happy and pass it along!!! Directions are on my page under the award!! :0)

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