Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Win Preserves Cricut Cartridge

I decided to do a give away. My husband purchsed me a cartridge I already have. It is the Preserves Cartridge. I can not return it because he took off the plastic seal the box comes in. So I decided to use it as a give away instead:) The cartridge is brand new never used. It has the reward points inside. Never linked to gypsy because I already have this one. It just isnt in the plastic anymore.

So to win this cart sign up to follow my blog and sign up over at Chatter Scene is an online community for woman. When you sign up there post your into in the welcome center. Then hop on over the the Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting section. Post over there at least two times in that section somewhere. Then come here and comment on my blog that you did and tell me the username on chatterscene so I can check. At the end of the contest I will gather all entries and give them each a number and use random number generator to pick a winner.
I will then send you a private message over at Chatter Scene if you won as well as post a comment here on my blog:)

Also if you like Chatterscene please stay and chat with us on a regular basis:)
I also do fun contests there periodically.
I am trying to grow the community and would love more people to come. We have a section for just about anything! What better way to get Chatter Scene out there than to give away a free prize:)

Good Luck everyone. I will end contest 8/14/2010.

On another note sorry about not posting more. Summer and kids keeping me busy. But I do have some things I will try and post up soon:)

If your email is Aol and you have trouble signing up let me know:)

In the referral spot put Chris or leave it blank:)


Raquel said...

Do current members count. said...

Yes they sure do said...

I want to remind everyone once you have made the three posts at Chatterscene come here and comment on this post with your chatter scene username:)

Chris Wooten said...

I can not get registered. It says invalid referral. I put down you. Not sure what is wrong. i do not know your userid there, so i put down this website here


MarcyKay said...

I registered! and I have 27 posts lol. I haven't posted twice in the scrapbooking/crafty whatever sections yet (unless my replies count lol) but I'm about to post another thread so that will be #2.

Username: MissMarcy

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and letting me know about this! (the giveaway but mainly the forum!) I'm really excited about it (again, mainly the community lol)

Misty-Ann said...

lol look at you go Chris :)

Anonymous said...

I posted here yesterday after I signed up, but I don't see my post. :( My MB name over there is Mom2boys. I like it over there!! Just signed up yesterday and already have over 20 posts! Nice ladies....thanks for the hookup!

Toni said...

That looks like a great place to hang out and chat. My username there is the same as my Cricut name... AirForce_Wifey. Thanks for the chance t owin this cart!

**Treefrog** said...

Hey Chris I just signed up, looks like a fun MB, I posted in the newbie section but couldn't find the crafty section again, I looked once but maybe I need to wait to be activated other than the main activation. Well Thanks for turning me on to the Chatterscene, I will definetly be back but I need to go to bed now, LOL! VERY Tired. Thanks for the chance at a new cart and good luck to everyone!
Froggie ((Hugs)) Theresa said...

Hi Theresa
You are all set now:) I did have to activate you for some reason you did not auto activate after first post:)
thanks for coming by the board. We are a great bunch of ladies:)

Teresa said...

I seen where you commented on my blog and I thought I would comment here, not sure if i am doing the comment right and if there was a easier way to find all the blogs I am looking for, wondering how other people do it I am new to the game.

Jacki920 said...

Following thanks for the chance to win

Tracy said...

Thanks for including us "old" members too!


~Tracy said...

I drew the winner:) MarcyK ( MissMarcy) Congrats:)
I will be sending you a pm over at chatterscene for your info:)

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